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What is a correction service provider?

The RD8200SG had been designed to provide survey grade GNSS accuracy.  In order to provide such accuracy, the common errors in current satellite navigation systems will need to be corrected.

To correct such errors, there are many 'correction service' providers available on the market and the availability will differ depending upon your requirements and the geographical area that you are operating in - Whilst some may be free of charge, others may be chargeable.

Some examples of international or regional correction services are listed below:

There are a number of free correction service providers available in the US.  Please use the link below.

Correction Services Available in the US


Regional Correction Service Providers


Please note: to the best of our knowledge the information is correct but can change at any time and it is recommended to contact the individual companies for up to date service information. 

Can I use my local (free) correction service provider?

The RD8200SG was designed to work with any correction service provider. You can find examples here. 

US only:

Many US states have free correction services available. For a full list for North America, please follow this link: North America - NTRIP-list

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