Mobile App background running issues with Android 6 onward.

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Android 6 onward 'Background Running Issues' 

Android has introduced 2 new power-saving features that extend battery life for users by managing how apps behave when a device is not connected to a power source.

The release of Android 6.0 onward has introduced 'Doze' and 'App Standby'. 'Doze' reduces the battery consumption by deferring background CPU and network activity for apps running in the background when the phone has been idle for a long period of time. 'App Standby' defers background network activity for apps with which the user has not recently interacted.

Thus, optimising the performance of the battery. 

'Doze' and 'App Standby' manages the behavior of all apps running on Android 6.0 or higher.

Apps such as, CAT Manager are designed to run in the background as it needs to access the network and to sync with the online portal providing updates and notifications at regular intervals.

Step by step guide

This step by step guide will show you how to disable the 'Doze' and 'App Standby' function for the Android CAT Manager application. The example illustrated is based on a Samsung device, other manufacturers device settings, may differ.

Disable Doze for an App (example on a Samsung phone)

  1. Launch the Settings Application
  2. Scroll Down and Tap on the ‘Apps’ Option
  3. Tap the 3-dot Menu at the Top Right
  4. Then Tap on the ‘Special access’ Option


     5. Tap the ‘Optimise Battery Usage’ Option

     6. Tap the ‘Apps not optimised’ Drop Down Menu


     7. And Tap on ‘All Apps’

     8. Scroll Down and Tap on the C.A.T Manager to Disable Doze for to change the toggle


     9. Press the back button until return to the starting screen

Background Mobile Data Usage

Another further setting to ensure the CAT Manager app fully functions; is to ensure that the 'background mobile data' for the app is enabled.  

Allow Background data usage

  1. Launch the phone Settings App
  2. Scroll down and tap C.A.T Manager
  3. Tap ‘Mobile Data’
  4. Toggle on ‘Allow background data usage’


    5. Press the back button until return to the starting screen