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Power on/off

Switch the locator or transmitter on by pressing the key.

To switch the locator or transmitter off, press and hold the key until the screen blanks off.

Note: The locator will automatically power off after 5 minutes if no keys are pressed.

Keypad actions & shortcuts

Locator key actions

Key Short press Long press
Enter the menu. Switch power off.

Scroll through locate frequencies from low to high.

In active locating: SideStep (See iLOC section) When using Current Direction™ Perform a CD Reset.

When using active frequencies: Toggle Peak, Peak+, Null, Broad Peak and guidance antenna modes.

In Power Mode: scroll Power Filters™ for improved discrimination of parallel or strong power signals.

In Peak+ antenna mode: Switch between Guidance and Null arrows.




Increase and decrease gain. RD8100 automatically sets gain to mid-point when pressed. Rapidly increase and decrease gain steps in 1dB increments.
Take a survey measurement and send over Bluetooth if paired.  
Send an iLOC command to a paired transmitter. Enter the transmitter power setting menu for use over iLOC.

Transmitter key actions

Key Short press Long press
Enter the menu. Switch power off.
Scroll through locate frequencies from low to high.  
Take voltage and impedance measurements using selected frequency. Take voltage and impedance measurements at a standardized frequency.
Adjusts the output signal. Select standby /maximum standard power.

NOTE: to scroll through frequencies from high to low, holdwhile pressing the button (applies to both locators and transmitters).

Antenna Modes

The RD8100 locator supports 5 antenna modes to suit your particular application or the local environment.

To scroll between locate modes, press thekey.

PEAK: For accurate locating, the peak bargraph provides a visual readout of the signal strength. The peak signal is found directly over the buried utility.
PEAK+: Choose to combine the accuracy of the peak bargraph with Null arrows, which can indicate the presence of distortion, or with proportional guidance arrows for rapid line tracing - switch between them by pressing and holding thekey.
GUIDANCE: Proportional arrows and a ballistic directional 'needle' combine with audio left/right indication for rapidly tracing the general path of a buried utility.
BROAD PEAK: Operating similarly to Peak mode, but giving a result over a wider area. Used to detect and trace very weak signals, for example very deep utilities.
NULL: Provides a quick left/right indication of the path of a utility. As Null is susceptible to interference, it is best used in areas where no other utilities are present.