RD8000 System Overview

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RD8000 Universal Precision Cable, Pipe and RF Marker locator

Locator Features

  1. Keypad
  2. LCD with auto backlight
  3. Speaker
  4. Battery compartment
  5. Battery charger socket
  6. Accessory socket
  7. Headphone socket
  8. Bluetooth module antenna
  9. Marker loop antenna

Locator keypad

10. Power key : Switches the unit on and off. Opens the locator menu.

11. Frequency key: Selects frequency. Closes submenu.

12. Up and down arrows : Adjusts the signal gain. Scrolls through the menu options.

13. Antenna key : With antenna folded up, toggles peak, combined peak/null and null single antenna and guidance modes. With antenna folded down, toggles marker and combined (marker/line) modes. Opens a submenu.

14. Graph key : Send Survey measurements.

15. Transmitter key : Sends iLOC commands to Bluetooth transmitters.





Locator screen icons

16. Indicates the signal strength and peak marker.

17. Signal strength: Numerical indication of signal strength.

18. Peak / Proportional arrows: Indicates the location of the line relative to the locator.

19. Battery icon: Indicates the battery level.

20. Sensitivity and Log number: Displays the log number momentarily after a survey measurement is saved to memory.

21. Volume icon: Displays the volume level.

22. Current Direction arrows.

23. Radio Mode: Indicates when Radio Mode is active.

24. Power Mode: Indicates when Power Mode is active.

25. Accessory indicator: Indicates when an accessory is connected.

26. CD Mode icon: Indicates when Current Direction Mode is active.

27. A-Frame icon: Indicates when the A-Frame is connected.

28. Operating mode indicator.

29. Bluetooth icon: Indicates status of Bluetooth connection. Flashing icon means pairing is in progress. Solid icon indicates an established connection is active.

30. Antenna mode icon: Indicates antenna selection: Peak, Null and combined Peak/Null and Guidance Mode.

31. Sonde icon: Indicates that the signal source is from a sonde.

32.Line icon: Indicates that the signal source is from a line.

33. Compass/Marker mode indicator: Shows the direction of the located cable relative to the locator. Also used as a graphical indication for Marker mode active.

34. Tx status (with Bluetooth Tx models): Displays transmitter connection status.

35. Tx standby (with Bluetooth Tx models): Indicates that the transmitter is in Standby Mode.

36. Current / depth indicator.

37. GPS Status icon (GPS models only): One bar indicates that GPS is active. 3 bars indicates that the GPS has locked to the GPS satellite system.

38. GPS Signal quality icon (GPS models only): Indicates the quality of the signal being received.