Survey Measurements

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RD8000 locator models are capable of recording up to 10000 survey measurements to internal memory. When a measurement is taken and saved, the RD8000 locator will store the most relevant measurements taken and information, such as:

  • Log number
  • Current
  • Gain
  • Depth
  • Signal
  • Phase
  • Frequency
  • Marker type
  • GPS location (GPS models only or when paired to GPS compatible devices)

These measurements, taken at specific points indicated by you, can be used to report and map all your findings.

If the locator is a GPS model or if paired to Pocket PC (or PDA) with GPS, running a compatible application such as SurveyCERT, the locator will append position and time information to the data.

NOTE: The internal GPS module needs to be switched on and connected to the GPS satellite system.

Saving Measurements

To send survey measurements, press the key.

To achieve accurate results the locator must be kept as still as possible during the saving process.

The locator will always save measurements to internal memory. If Bluetooth is switched on and the Bluetooth survey measurements transmission are active the locator will attempt to send the saved measurement to a paired PDA running SurveyCERT, or a compatible application.

If your PDA is out of reach, or if its Bluetooth features are disabled, the locator will display an error code. To avoid these errors disable the Bluetooth survey measurements transmission or ensure that your PDA is within range and correctly paired.

NOTE: A flashing depth and/or current reading display means that the measurement is poor and should be taken again. Poor readings may be caused by nearby conductors or sources of electromagnetic interference.

Survey measurement transmission over Bluetooth

To configure Bluetooth survey measurements transmissions:

  1. Press thekey to enter to menu.
  2. Press the  orkeys to select DATA menu.
  3. Press the key to enter the DATA menu
  4. Scroll up or down to select the BT-PC option
  5. Select ON or OFF
  6. Press the key and the locator will attempt to send your stored survey data to your PDA.

Erasing measurements

The RD8000 locator allows you to delete all measurements. Erasing the survey measurements will wipe the RD8000 Marker memory and is usually recommended when you begin a new survey.

WARNING! Erasing measurements cannot be undone! Proceed with caution! 

To erase all stored measurements:

  1. Press thekey to enter to menu.
  2. Press the orkeys to select LOG menu.
  3. Press the key to enter the LOG menu.
  4. Scroll up or down to select the DEL option
  5. Press the key to make the selection and return to the main menu.


Stored data can be transferred wirelessly to a compatible PDA running Radiodetection’s SurveyCERT app or a PDA compatible application.

The Radiodetection SurveyCERT PDA app can read and chart logged survey data for real-time or post survey analysis. It can also export KML files for interface with GIS/mapping systems.

NOTE: SurveyCERT is compatible with Bluetooth enabled PDAs running Windows Mobile 6.5 as its operating system.

Stored data can also be transferred using the USB connection to the RD Manager software package to be analyzed by the software’s built-in Survey measurements capabilities. Refer to the RD Manager operation manual for more info on how to retrieve store survey data.

RD Manager’s Survey measurements functionality can be used for post survey analysis, interface to Google Earth® and easy export to GIS / mapping systems.

NOTE: RD Manager is only compatible with PC running Microsoft® Windows® XP or higher.

To send stored data to your paired PDA:

  1. Ensure your paired PDA is switched on and running the SurveyCERT app.
  2. Press thekey to enter the menu.
  3. Scroll to the LOG menu using the orkeys.
  4. Press the key to enter the LOG menu.
  5. Scroll up or down to the SEND option.
  6. Press the key and the locator will attempt to send your stored survey data to your PDA.


To obtain SurveyCERT for PDA:

SurveyCERT for PDAs and its operation manual are available as a free download from the Radiodetection web Site:

To obtain RD Manager: 

  1. Go to: radiodetection/rd-manager
  2. Follow the instructions.