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A quick visual guide for field operators to upload their scan data to the cloud based Online C.A.T Manager system using the C.A.T Manager phone app.



Pairing a gCAT4 to your phone or device


Select BLUETOOTH SETTINGS on the App C.A.T locator screen


Pull the trigger on the gC.A.T4 to switch the unit on


Select SEARCH FOR DEVICES on the App C.A.T locator screen


When the serial number your gC.A.T4 appears on the screen select it to begin pairing

The screen on the C.A.T will display a Bluetooth icon during the pairing process   



You should see under Paired C.A.T Devices your C.A.T serial number




Your gC.A.T4 is now ready to use 


To send your scan/survey data up to the portal



Pull the Trigger on the C.A.T

The data circle icon begins to feel up to indicate a connection as been made. The C.A.T serial number & battery status are displayed and the scan data logs are transferred across to your device


The data logs are then sent up to the portal;

Green = a successful upload

Orange = data logs that are pending

Red = failure to upload

Note: If you are sharing a gC.A.T4 with other operators, make sure that all your scans have been correctly uploaded to the server against your account, before handing the gC.A.T4 to the next operator.



In the event of an error occurring send your Log file to Radiodetection Support to investigate, following the steps below.

Select the 'Menu' icon on the top left corner of the CAT Manager app main screen


Select the 'About' option


Select 'SEND LOG FILE' This will be emailed to the radiodetection tech support for diagnosis




A PDF copy of the C.A.T Manager Online - 'Quick guide for Operators' is available for download.