T1 - 1W Transmitter

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The T1 is a general purpose, 1 Watt, transmitter that provides three locatable frequencies, two induction frequencies and two power levels. By default, the T1 induces a signal directly into the ground. It is the perfect companion to the SuperCAT4+ range of cable and pipe locators.

Transmitter features

  1. On/Off/Frequency Selector.

LEDs indicate which frequency has been selected.

  • First press switches the transmitter on and selects the lowest locate frequency
    – depending on product specified. See T1 transmitter range table.

NOTE: The lowest frequency is only available for direct connections and will not work in induction mode.

  • Second and third presses select the mid and highest frequencies.
  • Fourth press turns the transmitter off.

    2. Power Selector

 Selects either high or low power level. LEDs indicate which power level is active.

    3. Accessory Socket

Connects cables or optional accessories such as the Signal Clamp, Direct connection lead or Live Plug Connector.

When connected, induction mode is disabled. A loudspeaker emits a pulsing tone to indicate sufficient battery charge and a satisfactory direct connection.

   4. Battery Access Panel.

When no tone is audible the batteries must be replaced.

   5. Arrows

The arrows on the top panel label indicate the required transmitter alignment above the pipe or cable when using Induction mode.

The arrows and the pipe or cable must be parallel. Alignment is not required when the T1 is in Active mode

NOTE: Turn off the T1 and remove any cables or accessories before changing batteries.