Running RD Manager for the first time

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This section introduces how to start RD Manager and describes its main screen and various features.

RD Manager screen

Starting RD Manager

To start RD Manager:

  • Use the software icon on your desktop
  • or
  • Go to the RD Manager folder in your programs section and select the RD Manager link. The RD Manager screen is divided into a main program area (organized into different Screen tabs) and a Message Pad area.
  • The RD Manager screen will appear,

The number of Screen tabs depends if you are signed in or not. These are:

  • Setup  Allows users to setup and customize connected locators.
  • Survey Measurements  Allows users to download and manage their Survey measurements.
  • Usage Logging  Allows users with a locator equipped with internal automatic logging, to retrieve and manage their data.
  • Advanced Setup*  Allows users to enable CALSafe, change the CALSafe date and synchronize the locator’s internal clock with Radiodetection’s UTC (Coordinated Universal Time) server.
  • Software Update** Allows users to upgrade their locator’s software.
  • Calibration**  Allows users to retrieve the locator’s factory calibration certificate; also offers eCert functionality to perform a remote calibration validation and extend the calibration certificate for another year.
  • Account**   Allows users to manage their RD Manager account, registering their products for extended warranties and send technical queries or service requests.

*Only available if connected to the internet and signed in. The user must also have the privileged account feature enabled.

**Only available if connected to the internet and signed in.

At the top of the RD Manager screen there is the Toolbar giving access to programs menus and commands.

At the bottom of the screen there is the Status Bar.

Status Bar

The Status Bar, is common to all the RD Manager screens. It displays the following properties:

  • Internet Connection Status.
  • USB Connection Status.
  • Serial Number of connected unit.

Message Pad

The Message Pad, is common to all the RD Manager screens, and displays the system messages.

The system messages are categorized as either;

  • Information.
  • Warnings.
  • Errors.
  • You can customize the colour of the system messages.

Message Pad Commands


Clear the contents of the Message Pad.

Copy All

Copy the entire contents of the Message Pad to the system clipboard.