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This section describes how to retrieve Survey Measurement records logs from your compatible locator or handheld device.

Survey Measurements window

Survey Measurements Window

RD8000 and RD8100 locators have the ability to store up to 1000 Survey Measurements into their internal, non-removable, storage.

RD7000+ cable, pipe and marker locators can store Survey Measurements onto a compatible handheld device.

The Survey Measurements window, lets you retrieve, import, review and export (into various file format) survey information.

Available commands:

  • Read: Transfers all the Survey Measurements available in the connected locator.
  • Delete: Deletes the currently selected survey logs from the PC.
  • Reference: Set the survey reference for the currently selected surveys.
  • GPS Distance: GPS distance between the selected logs relative to the previous point or first selected point. This function only works if valid GPS points are available for the selected logs.
  • SurveyCERT+►Import from SurveyCERT+: Import Survey Measurements from
  • SurveyCERT+.
  • Export (x): Exports the currently selected Survey Measurements to either CSV,XLS,XLSX or KML format. The number in brackets is the number of selected rows.
  • SN Filter: Serial Number filter.
  • Field Chooser: Use this to select and organize the Survey Measurements.
  • KML Options: Modify KML output options.

Importing Survey Measurements

Internal Survey Measurements

To retrieve internal Survey Measurements from your compatible locator follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your locator is off.
  2. Start the RD Manager program.
  3. Connect the locator using the USB 2.0 lead.
  4. Turn on the locator.
  5. Select the Survey Measurements tab.
  6. Press Read.
  7. Enter Survey Details in the Survey Details window.

If you are using a locator equipped with internal automatic logging you will only be asked to enter a description of the survey (maximum 50 characters).

If you using a locator with no usage-logging option, you will also be asked to enter a Survey Date and time. By default the system will use the current time and date at the point of the data transfer.

Both versions of the dialog provide the user with the option of deleting the survey data from the locator after a successful upload of the data.

New Survey Measurements will be appended to the exiting one.

Importing SurveyCert+ data

RD7000+ marker locators and RD8000/RD8100 locators can be paired to a handheld compatible device with an high accuracy GPS module and running a compatible application, for the purpose of storing Survey Measurements.

RD8000 and RD8100 locators will also store the Survey Measurements in their internal memory.

RD7000+ Survey Measurements will only be stored in the handheld device. 

To import Survey Measurements recorded using your locator and SurveyCERT+ follow these steps:

  1. Save your SurveyCERT+ log file onto your PC.
  2. Press SurveyCERT+ and select Import from SurveyCERT+.
  3. In the Import from Survey window, use the File… to select the file to import.
  4. Enter the serial number of the unit used to generate the file.
  5. The serial number, starting with 10/, can be found printed on the label next to the battery compartment.
  6. Enter a Survey Reference.
  7. If required select the Survey date and time.
  8. Press Import.

NOTE: Import will only operate if you enter all the relevant details.

Deleting Survey Measurements from your locator without using RD Manager

Survey Measurements can be manually deleted from the locator’s memory, once they have been transferred into RD Manager.

To delete your Survey Measurements follow these steps on your locator:

CAUTION deleting measurements cannot be undone.

  1. Press the  key to enter the menu.
  2. Press the or keys to select DATA menu.
  3. Press the key to enter the DATA menu.
  4. Press the orkeys to select DEL menu.
  5. Press the key to enter the DEL options menu.
  6. Press the or keys to select YES.
  7. Press the key to make the selection and return to the main menu.


Reviewing Survey Measurements

Selecting locators

RD Manager can be used to manage multiple locators.

Use the Locator Selector pull down menu, to select Survey Measurements belonging to a specific unit.

Locator serial numbers, printed on the label next to the battery compartment, are used to catalog and store Survey Measurements in RD Manager.

If you have a unit connected the Locator Selector menu will display the connected unit’s serial number and all existing surveys measurements for this unit will be displayed.

Serial number filter

If you use RD Manager to manage a large number of locators you may find useful to filter the serial number: press SN Filter, to access the Serial Number Filter window.

You can use this text filter to reduce the number of serial numbers (different locators) displayed by the Locator Selector menu.

To use the Serial Number Filter:

  1. Press SN Filter.
  2. Enter your filter string into the Serial Number Filter box.
  3. Press Apply to enable the filter or Cancel to exit.

Once applied the filter string will be displayed alongside the SN Filter button.

To remove the Serial Number Filter:

  1. Press the red X box next to the filter string.

Only those Serial Numbers which match the filter string will appear in the Locators Selector menu. For example:

Survey reference

To add or modify a reference associated with a range of surveys, follow these steps:

  1. Select the surveys range.
  2. Press Reference.
  3. Add or edit the Reference text.
  4. Press the green box to apply your changes or click anywhere else on the screen to exit

Distance between points

If your Survey Measurements have GPS coordinates, you can estimate the distance between each successive points or the distance relative to the first measurement point.

To set GPS Distance:

  1. Select the range of points you are interested in.
  2. Press GPS Distance.
  3. Select Previous Point or First Point.
  4. Press the green box to apply your changes or click anywhere else on the screen to exit.

NOTE: This function is only available if GPS coordinates are available in the range of points selected.

Export Survey Measurements

Perform the following steps to export Survey Measurements data:

  1. Select the Survey Measurements tab.
  2. Select the required unit.
  3. Select the data rows you wish to export or press the Select All button.

NOTE: only highlighted rows will be exported

  1. Press the Export button.
  2. Select either Export to CSV/XLS or Export to KML.
  3. Choose your destination folder and file name.
  4. Press Save.

NOTE: Survey data where there is no GPS information will not be exported to KML.

NOTE: If the application associated with either of the export file types exists on your PC, then it will automatically display the file after export is complete.

KML Options

You can customize the KML output data by selecting KML Options.