RD Manager menu


This section describes the commands and features available in the RD Manager menu.

The RD Manager menu, is accessible from the toolbar, at the top right corner of the RD Manager screen.

It provides access to

  • Options window
  • KML options
  • Check for updates
  • Language Selection
  • RD Manager Operation Manual
  • About RD Manager Window

Options window

Preferences tab

Use the preference tab, to select the following options;

  • Login Details  Select Auto Sign-In on Startup to automatically sign in when RD Manager starts.
  • Usage Log Session Identifier  Select this to automatically identify different surveys when retrieving usage logs.
  • Time Zone  Select your time zone.
  • Date Format  Select your preferred date format.
  • Depth Units  Select your preferred depth’s measurement units.

Message Pad tab

Use the Message Pad tab, to change the colours of the messages as they appear in the Message Pad.

There are 3 categories of error messages:

  • Information
  • Warning
  • Error

To change colour just click on the box showing the current colour and select a new one.

KML options

The KML Options menu allows you to configure the KML output capabilities.

KML files can be viewed in Google Earth.

NOTE: KML output is only possible for usage log/survey points where a GPS fix was present.

Data tab 

From the data tab you can select what will data fields appear in your Survey Measurements or usage logging KML output.

Tag tab

From the Tag tab you can customize the appearance of data tag display.

Icons tab

From the Icons tab you can customize the Icons used in the KML output file for both Survey Measurements and Usage Logging.

You can choose between different icons types, size and colour.

Labels tab

From the Labels tab you can customize the labels used in the KML usage log output file.

You can choose between different size, level of transparency, colour and type.

Line tab

You can use the line tab to connect all the icons displayed by the KML output file with a line. You can customize the line colour and width.


Filter tab

From the Filter tab you can filter GPS data to only show more accurate measurements or just to reduce the number of points used in the final KML file.

You can choose to apply these filters to either or both Usage Log data and Survey Measurements.

  • Minimum Precision filter

This filter is based on the Dilution of precision (DOP) as measured by the GNSS module used.

  • Minimum Satellite

This filter will ignore all readings where the number of satellites is lower than the number selected.

  • Sampling Rate

This filter is useful to reduce the number of points used in a KML file generated by the Usage Log viewer. For example choosing 10 will only use one point every 10 so if exporting 10 minute of data this will only produce a KML file with 60 markers (points), instead of 600.

Check for updates

Radiodetection may, from time to time, release software updates for RD Manager and/or your locator.

Software updates offer enhanced functionalities and are free of charge.

To check for new software updates manually select check for updates.

The RD Update Manager screen will appear showing installed system components and available updates.


If required press Download to update the software installed on your PC. 

NOTE: RD manager will automatically check for new updates every time you sign in.

Language selection

This command is used to select the default RD Manager language from the list of installed languages.

Choose your preferred language from a list of supported languages.

Operation manual

This command will display the RD Manager Operation Manual in your default PDF reader.

About window

The About RD Manager window contains the following items:

  1. List of installed system components.
  2. Radiodetection Ltd Copyright statement.
  3. Software License Agreement (this will be displayed in your default PDF reader).




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