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This section explains how to use RD Manager to quickly set-up your locator.

Setup screen

The Setup screen, allows you to review and configure you locator settings.

The Setup screen is available by default and does not require to be signed on.

Available commands:

  • Write: Applies the configuration settings to the connected locator.
  • Reset: Reset the configuration settings to the Factory Default.
  • Settings: Manages and retrieved saved configuration settings.
  • Locator Range Menu: Selects different ranges of locator products – available if no unit is connected.

  • Model Selector Menus: Selects different locator models, – available if no unit is connected.

If you connect your locator or select a locator range and model, the Setup screen will show all the available features, frequencies and options for this specific model.

You can enable or disable all available features and frequencies by selecting or deselecting the relevant check boxes. You can also set your preferred Units, Power Frequency, Battery Type and Language.

Custom frequencies

RD8100 cable and pipe locators offer the ability to setup up to 5 custom frequencies in the range 50Hz to 1000Hz.

CAUTION: When using custom frequencies in the range of 692Hz to 704Hz or 981Hz to 993Hz the locator sound feedback may interfere with the locator and must be turned off.

NOTE: Some frequencies, including 440Hz, may be reserved for specific applications in your country and permission from the relevant operators may be required for its use.

Contact your local Radiodetection sales office or distributor if you require help in identifying these operators.

To set up your desired custom frequencies:

  1. Enter or dial a valid frequency in one of the 5 available frequencies boxes.
  2. Indicate if this is a Sonde or a Line/CD frequency.
  3. Enable the frequency.

RF markers

You can customize your cable pipe and marker locator by enabling or disabling specific RF markers.

Markers can also be disabled from the locator by deselecting the Unit Configurable option.

Red Power marker EU limitation:

Use of the red power (PWR) locate mode is subjected to radio licensing restrictions for Short Range Devices in the EU and some other countries.

It is your responsibility to ensure that use of this marker is allowed in the country where the locator is going to be used.

When you enable the PWR marker or when you select the Unit Configurable option RD manager will prompt you, to confirm that you can use this marker locate mode in your country.

Updating configuration settings

To update the configurations settings of your locator follow these steps:

  1. Start the RD Manager program.
  2. Connect the locator using the USB 2.0 lead.
  3. Switch on the locator.
  4. Select the Setup screen.
  5. Customize your locator adjusting the Configurable Options.
  6. Press the Write button

Setting manager

You can use the Settings manager to create, save or edit configuration settings for all your locators.

This is useful if you prefer to customize your locators to suit specific applications or users.

To access the Setting Manager for a specific model:

  1. In the Menu Screen select a locator model.
  2. Press Setting.
  3. The Setting Manager window will open, figure 5.7, showing all existing settings, if any, for the specific locator model.


Available commands:

  • New: saves the current Setup settings.
  • Open: retrieves existing settings.
  • Save: update the current setting.
  • Rename: renames the selected settings.
  • Delete: deletes the selected settings.
  • Exit: exits the setting manager.