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This section describes how you can retrieve and print a copy of the last valid Certificate of Calibration or to perform a remote calibration using eCert.

Calibration Screen

The Calibration screen allows you to manage the calibration certificates for all your locators.

It also allows to extend the calibration validity for a further year by performing eCert calibrations. (additional purchase may be required)

This screen is only available once you have successfully signed in to your account.

Available commands:

  • Factory Certificate: Retrieves the latest Factory Calibration data for the connected locator.
  • Run eCert: Performs an eCert Calibration on the connected locator.
  • View: Display the selected certificate in your default internet browser.
  • Delete: Deletes the selected certificate.
  • Unit Selector menu: Selects which unit’s data to display.
  • SN Filter: Serial Number filter.

Retrieving the Factory Calibration Data

Your locator stores the calibration data from its latest Factory Calibration data in its internal memory.

To retrieve a unit’s calibration data follow these steps:

  1. Start the RD Manager program.
  2. Connect the locator using the USB 2.0 lead.
  3. Switch on the locator.
  4. Sign In.
  5. Select the Calibration screen.
  6. Press the Factory Calibration button.

After retrieving the factory calibration data, the Serial Number of the connected unit will appear in the Unit Selector menu and the 'Factory Calibration Certificate' will appear in the Calibration window.

Once retrieved your calibration certificates will be stored in your PC.

Retrieving calibration certificates

Use the Unit Selector pull down menu, to select calibration certificates belonging to a specific locator.

Locator serial numbers, printed on the label next to the battery compartment, are used to catalogue and store calibration certificates in RD Manager.

If you have a unit connected the Unit Selector menu will automatically display the unit’s serial number if calibration data for this unit is already present.

Serial number filter

If you use RD Manager to manage a large number of locators you may find useful filtering the number of units available.

Press Filter, to access the Serial Number Filter window.

You can use this text filter to reduce the number of serial numbers (different locators) displayed by the Locator Selector menu.

To use the Serial Number Filter:

  1. Press SN Filter.
  2. Enter your filter string into the text box.
  3. Press Apply to enable the filter or Cancel to exit.

Once applied the filter string will be displayed alongside the Filter button.

To remove the Serial Number Filter:

  1. Press the red X box next to the filter string.

Only those Serial Numbers which match the filter string will appear in the Locators Selector menu. For example:

Review and print a certificate

Follow these steps:

  1. Select the certificate you want to review.
  2. Press View or double click.

The selected calibration certificate will open up in your default internet browser.

From here you will be able to print your certificate.

Delete calibration data

To delete calibration data follow these steps:

  1. Select the calibration data you want to delete.
  2. Press Delete.

CAUTION: Deleting calibration data cannot be undone.

How to perform an eCert calibration test

eCert Calibration allows users to extend the Factory Calibration validity of your locator for a further year, up to a maximum of ten years.

To perform an eCert you must at least one eCert credit, Contact your Radiodetection’s sales representative for information on how to obtain credits. 


CAUTION: Before performing an eCert Calibration, ensure that the locator to be tested is not in close proximity to sources of electrical interference (e.g. PC, monitor, mobile phones) or large metallic objects, and that any Radiodetection’s transmitter or other signal transmitters in the vicinity are switched off.

To perform an eCert follow these steps:

  1. Start the RD Manager program.
  2. Connect the locator using the USB 2.0 lead.
  3. Switch on the locator.                                        
  4. Sign In.
  5. Select the Calibration screen.
  6. Press the Run eCert button. Disclaimer and User Details window will open.

   8. Enter your details and press OK to accept Terms and Conditions or Cancel to exit.

   9. eCert will commence. You can follow the progress by looking at the system messages reported by the Message Pad window.

 10. The eCert Calibration result will automatically appear in your default internet browser.

You will only be charged an eCert credit if the eCert Calibration is successful.

If eCert fails, RD Manager produces an eCert Failure Report which can be printed and returned to a Radiodetection Service Centre along with the faulty locator.