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This section explains how to retrieve and manage your locator usage logs (compatible models only).

Usage Logging Screen 

Locators featuring usage-logging are equipped with an internal usage-logging system which records critical locate parameters once per second.
Models with built- in GPS models also include positional data when the internal GPS module is active and locked.
The Usage Logging screen is available by default and does not require the user to be signed in.

Usage Logging Screen

The screen, is split into 2 windows, the locator window on the left and the PC window on the right:

• The locator window shows the list of logs, sorted by date, that exist on the connected locator, and which are available for transfer to the PC.
Available commands:
o Transfer: To transfer all/or selected logs to the PC. 
o Clear: To delete the locator’s internal logs (Privileged users only)
• The PC window shows all the logs, sorted by date, which are already stored in the PC.
Available commands:
o View: Provides a view of the currently selected logs. 
o Delete: Deletes the currently selected logs from the PC. 
o Unit Selector menu: Selects which units data to display. 
o SN Filter: Serial Number filter. 

Retrieving usage logs

Follow these steps to retrieve your locator usage logs:

1. Ensure your locator is off. 
2. Start the RD Manager program. 
3. Connect the locator using the USB 2.0 lead. 
4. Turn on the locator. 
5. Select the Usage Logging tab. 
6. In the Locator window select the logs you want to transfer into your PC. 
7. Transfer your data:
Press the Transfer button to transfer the locator records. If no logs are selected in the locator window, all the logs will be transferred to the PC, otherwise only the selected logs will be transferred.
Use your mouse to drag the selected records into the PC window. 

NOTE: The duration of the data transfer depends on the number of records transferred. Regular transfers of new records only is recommended.

Deleting the Locator memory

The locator’s internal usage-logging memory is capable of storing at least one year’s worth of data.
Erasing the locator’s usage logging internal memory is a restricted operation: only privileged users can perform this operation. 

To erase the locator’s usage log memory:

1. Ensure your locator is off. 
2. Start the RD Manager program. 
3. Sign in. 
4. Connect the locator using the USB 2.0 lead. 
5. Turn On the locator. 
6. Select the Usage Logging tab. 
7. Select Clear from the Locator window. 

Caution: Erasing the locator’s internal usage logging memory is an irreversible operation.

When the memory is full the unit will start over-writing older records.

Reviewing usage logs

Selecting locators

RD Manager can be used to manage multiple logging locators.

Use the Locator Selector pull down menu, to select usage logs belonging to a specific locator.

Locator serial numbers, printed on the label next to the battery compartment, are used to catalog and store usage logs in RD Manager.

If you have a unit connected, the Locator Selector menu, will display the unit’s serial number and the all existing usage logs for this unit will be displayed.

NOTE: If you connect a unit for which no usage logs are present in RD Manager the PC window may be empty or display usage logs belonging to another unit. Please check the Locator Box.

Serial number filter
The Serial Number Filter, is useful if you manage a large number of locators.

You can use this text filter to reduce the number of serial numbers (different locators) displayed by the Locator Selector menu.

To use the Serial Number Filter:

4. Press SN Filter.
5. Enter your filter string into the text box. 
6. Press Apply to enable the filter or Cancel to exit.

Once applied the filter string will be displayed alongside the Filter button. 

To remove the Serial Number Filter:

1. Press the red X box next to the filter string.

Only those Serial Numbers which match the filter string will appear in the Locators Selector menu. For example:

Viewing usage logs for a specific locator

Once you have selected a specific locator, the RD Manager PC window will show all the usage logs associated with the unit sorted by date in ascending order.

To review usage logs associated with specific dates, select these and press the View button.

The Data Collector window will open up.

You can use this window to quickly review the logs, within the selected dates.

Deleting usage logs on a PC
You can delete usage logs stored on your PC, associated to a specific locator:

1. Select the logs you wish to delete. 
2. Press Delete. 

CAUTION: Deleting usage logs cannot be undone.

Using the Data collector

The Data Collector is used to review and export usage logs Available commands:

Select All: Select all usage logs present in the viewer. 
Reference: Lets you change the Reference associated with the selected logs. The number in brackets is the number of selected rows.

Field Chooser: Lets you chose the fields you wish to review and export. 
SN Filter: Use this to choose a different locator and/or specific dates. 
Preferences: Modify time zone, date format and depth units. 
KML Options: Modify KML output options. 
Export: Exports the selected logs to either CSV, XLS, XLSX or KML format. The number in brackets is the number of selected rows. 

KML options

You can customize the KML output data by selecting KML Options.

Usage log reference

To add or modify a Usage Log Reference associated with a range of logs, follow these steps:

1. Select the log range to be referenced.

2. Press Reference.

3. Add or edit the reference text.


  1. Press the X key to clear the text.
  2. Press the green box to apply your changes or click anywhere else on the screen to exit.

Field Chooser

The Field Chooser window, lets you decide which log fields to display in the Data Collector window, and in which order.

• Use the check boxes to decide which fields to show or hide (Checked = Shown). 
• Use the arrow buttons to the left of the screen to change the order your fields are displayed. 
• Press OK to apply your settings or Cancel. 
• Press Reset to reset to factory default. 

Your selection will be saved and remain active until modified or reset.

Serial number and date filter

You can use the Serial Number and Date Filter to review usage logs of a single or multiple locators.

From this filter you can also select a range of dates.

To use the Serial Number and Date Filter follow these steps:

1. Press the SN and Date Filter button. 
2. The filter window will open up.

1. Use the Clear, Expand and Collapse to aid your selection. 
2. Select the units and dates you want to review. 
3. Press OK or Cancel.

The box at the bottom left side of the filter windows indicates the number of distinct survey dates you have selected: for example; this is 00003.