Setting up your PCMx Receiver

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Before you begin

IMPORTANT! This guide is intended to be a quick reference guide. We recommend you read the full operation manual before you attempt to operate the PCMx receiver or transmitters.

Rechargeable battery packs

Your PCMx comes with a Lithium-Ion battery pack installed. To charge the battery:

  • Connect the battery charger to a 100-240VAC mains supply.
  • Connect the battery charger to the connector on the battery pack.

NOTE: It is not necessary to disconnect the battery from the receiver for charging.

Switch on the mains supply. The charge LED provides the battery pack charging status as follows:

• Red = Charging
• Green = Fully Charged.
• Disconnect the charger once the battery pack is fully charged.

Checking your system software version

If you wish to check which version of software is running on your PCMx, press and hold the key when switching on the receiver. This information may be asked for when contacting adiodetection or your local representative for technical support.

System Setup

It is important that you set up the system according to regional / operational requirements, and your personal preferences, before you conduct your first survey. You can set the system up using the menus as described below.

The PCMx receiver menu allows you to select or change system options. Once entered, the menu is navigated using the arrow keys. When in the menu, most on-screen icons will temporarily disappear and the menu options will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the display.

The right arrow enters a submenu and the left arrow returns to the previous menu.
Note that when browsing the receiver menu, the and keys act as left and right arrows.

To navigate menus:

1. Press the key to enter the menu.
2. Use the or keys to scroll through the menu options.
3. Press the key to enter the option’s sub-menu.
4. Use the or keys to scroll through the sub-menu options.
5. Press the key to confirm a selection and return to the previous menu.
6. Press the key to return to the main operation screen.

NOTE: When you select an option and press the key, the option will be enabled automatically.

Receiver Menu options

VOL Adjust the speaker volume from 0 (mute) to 3 (loudest).
DATA Delete, send or review saved SurveyCERT measurements and enable or disable the Bluetooth communication channel.
BT Enable, disable, reset or pair Bluetooth connections. Also defines the protocol used when connecting to a PC or PDA.
GPS Enable, disable or reset the internal GPS module.
CDR Perform a Current Direction (CD).
UNITS Select metric or imperial units.
INFO Run a Self-Test, display the date of the most recent service recalibration (M CAL) or the most recent eCert calibration.
LANG Select menu language.
POWER Select local power network frequency: 50 or 60Hz.
ANT Enable or disable any antenna mode with the exception of Peak.
FREQ Enable or disable individual frequencies.
ALERT Enable or disable StrikeAlert™.
BATT Set battery type: Alkaline or NiMH. Li-Ion auto-selects when connected.
ARROW Select Null or proportional Guidance arrows in Peak+ mode.
COMPA Enable or disable display of the Compass feature.
TIME Set a time to turn receiver off after a period of inactivity.
VIEW Review survey measurements (PCM mode only).

Examples of using the menu, selecting options and making changes:

Receiver mains power frequency

NOTE: It is important to ensure your receiver is set to locate the power frequencies used in your country. If the PCMx is set to the incorrect power frequency, the user will have difficulty locating in Power, CPS, ELF and LF modes as these locate frequencies are all dependent upon the correct power frequency.

To select the correct frequency (50 or 60Hz) for your country or region’s power supply:
1. Press the key to enter the menu.
2. Scroll to the POWER menu using the or keys.
3. Press the key to enter the POWER menu.
4. Use the or keys to select the correct mains frequency.
5. Press the key twice to accept your selection and return to the main operation screen.

Battery set up

The PCMx is supplied with a Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery. The Li-Ion option will automatically be selected when the battery pack is connected to the receiver. If you wish to use other battery types, using the tray supplied, the appropriate battery type must be selected.

To set your battery type:

1. Press the key to enter the menu.
2. Scroll to the BATT menu using the or arrows.
3. Press the key (receiver) or the  key (transmitter) to enter the BATT menu.
4. Scroll up or down to select the correct battery type (Alkaline, Nickel-metal Hydride or Lithium-Ion).
5. Press the key twice to accept your selection and return to the main operation screen.

We recommend that a Self-Test is run at least weekly, or before each use. As the Self-Test tests the integrity of the locate circuity, it is important that it is carried out away from larger metallic object such as vehicles, or strong electrical signals.

To run a Self-Test:

  1. Ensure the magnetometer foot is connected. The Self-Test will fail without it.
  2. Press the key to enter the menu.
  3. Scroll to the INFO menu using the or arrows.
  4. Press the key to enter the INFO menu.
  5. Select TEST using the orarrows.
  6. Press the key to select YES.
  7. Press the key to begin the Self-Test.
  8. Once the Self-Test is completed, the result (PASS or FAIL) will be displayed.
  9. Restart the receiver using the key.

Bluetooth wireless connections

PCMx receivers feature a Bluetooth wireless module, as standard, providing the ability to connect to compatible devices such as mobile devices running a compatible application such as PCM Manager or Bluetooth enabled transmitters.

NOTE: The PCMx wireless features may be subject to national and or local regulations. Please consult your local authorities for more information.

 WARNING! Do not attempt any wireless connection in areas where such technology is considered hazardous. This may include: petrochemical facilities, medical facilities or around navigation equipment.

Switching Bluetooth on

By default, PCMx receivers are shipped with the Bluetooth wireless connection module switched off.

1. Press the key to enter the menu.
2. Scroll to the BT menu using theor keys.
3. Press the key (locator) or the key (transmitter) to enter the BT menu.
4. Scroll up or down to the ON option.
5. Press the key to switch Bluetooth ON and return to the previous menu.

You can switch Bluetooth off to conserve battery life, or to comply with regulations in areas where wireless communications are considered hazardous. To do this, follow the above process, selecting ‘OFF’ in the BT menus.