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The Preferences Tab in the Settings section of C.A.T Manager Online has the functionality for Main Users and Admins to configure their own companies Dashboard requirements incorporating a traffic light system.

Available for All subscription levels,  Main Users and Administrators only.


Main Users and Administrators can set 7 independent parameters. These are applied once the Update button is selected.


Minimum survey duration


This is the sum of all the duration of all the survey’s C.A.T scans in seconds. If the duration is less that the specified value, the survey duration time will be highlighted in red; if equal to or more, it will be highlighted in green.


Modes Duration

Usage in the 4 modes is scored using a traffic light style colour system. For each mode you can set 2 time duration in seconds that will be used to score each mode.

In the example above usage in Genny mode will be highlighted in red if less than 24 seconds, orange if between 24 and 48 seconds and green if more than 48 seconds.



Genny LF and HF minimum duration

The quality and duration of a Genny signal received by the C.A.T during a survey is scored by the minimum Genny LF and HF duration settings.

When in Genny or Avoidance modes if a LF or HF Genny signal, with a strength above 10% of the full scale on the display, is received for less than the specified amount, the duration will be highlighted in red. If it is equal to or more than the minimum value it will be highlighted in green.