RD7100 Electromagnetic and RF Marker locator: System Overview

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RD7100 Marker Locator

Locator Features

1  Bluetooth module antenna
2  Keypad
3  LCD with auto back-light
4  Battery and USB connector (inside the battery compartment)
Battery charging connector (Li-Ion pack)
6  Headphone connector
7  Accessory connector
8  Marker loop antenna
9  Speaker

mceclip0.png mceclip1.png

Locator keypad

10  Power key mceclip2.png: Switches the unit on and off. Opens the locator menu.

11  Frequency key : Selects frequency. Closes sub-menu.

12  Up and down arrows : Adjusts the locator signal gain. Scrolls through the menu options.

13  Antenna key : With antenna folded up toggles Peak, Peak+, Null, Broad Peak and Guidance modes. With antenna folded toggles marker and combined (Marker/line) modes. Opens a sub-menu.

14  Survey key mceclip0.png: Sends survey measurements to a paired device.

15  Transmitter key mceclip1.png: Not used.


Locator screen icons

16  Battery icon: Indicates the battery level.

17  Gain and Log number: Displays the log number momentarily after a survey measurement is saved to memory.

18  Volume icon: Displays the volume level.

19  Radio Mode: Indicates when Radio Mode is active.

20  Power Mode: Indicates when Power Mode is active.

21  Accessory indicator: Indicates when an accessory is connected.

22  A-Frame icon: Indicates when the A-Frame is connected.

23  Frequency / Marker type / current / menu readout

24  Compass / Marker mode indicator: Shows the direction of the located cable relative to the locator. Also used as a graphical indication for Marker mode active.

25  Bluetooth icon: Indicates status of Bluetooth connection. Flashing icon means pairing is in progress. Solid icon indicates an established connection is active.

26  Antenna mode icon: Indicates antenna selection: Peak, Null, Broad Peak, Peak+ and Guidance Mode.

27  Current / Depth indicator.

28  Sonde icon: Indicates that the signal source is from a sonde.

29  Line icon: Indicates that the signal source is from a line.

30  Indicates the signal strength and Peak marker.

31  Peak / Proportional arrows: Indicates the location of line relative to the locator.

32  Signal Strength: Numerical indication of signal strength.

33  Fault find arrows.