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You can review, measure and edit a marker at any time.

To review a marker:

  1. Select the marker on the map.

The map will automatically center on the marker selected. The marker will be highlighted by a star symbol and its latitude and longitude displayed.


Available functions

4 functions are available when reviewing a marker:

  1. Radius measurement
  2. Distance
  3. Move
  4. Delete

To access them:

  1. Click on a marker you want to measure

Radius measurement


When this function is selected a circle is drawn around the marker, allowing a quick measurement of the distance between the marker position and a point on the map, such a pavement curb or lamppost 

  1. Control the radius of the circle by moving the slider left or right
  2. Press X to exit this function

Distance measurement


  1. Select a different marker to estimate the distance between from the marker selected. A red line will connect the 2 markers selected
  2. Press X to exit this function


When you select the move function you will be able to move your marker in a different position. This is useful if your location is not accurate.


  1. Use the Google Maps pan, zoom and rotate functions to position the map in your preferred orientation and showing the desired level of details



  1. Move the Map with your finger for course positioning
  2. Use the arrows keys for fineadjustments
  3. Press X to exit this function
  4. Press Confirm to move the marker

Caution: Moving a marker cannot be reversed

Deleting a marker


To delete the selected marker:

  1. Select Delete
  2. Press OK to confirm you want to delete the marker and all the associated locator’s measurements


  1. Press CANCEL to exit this function

 mceclip5.png WARNING: Deleting a marker will delete this and all associated survey measurements from RD Map. This action cannot be undone.