Managing jobs

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To manage the jobs stored in RD Map:

  1. Select Jobs history


  1. Scroll up or down to browse your stored jobs
  2. Select mceclip3.png to review an existing job
  3. Select mceclip2.png to transfer a job using your preferred sharing app
  4. Select mceclip4.png to delete a job

 WARNING Deleting a job will delete this, all associated survey measurements and any marker corrections from RD Map. This action cannot be undone.

Sharing a job

You can share a job using any compatible app installed on your Android device.

To share a job:

  1. Browse to the job you wish to share
  2. Select mceclip2.png


  1. Select an output option and press OK


  1. Select your preferred app and use it to share your output file

NOTE: Sharing apps must be installed and configured for the sharing function to work. Figure above is for reference only, and the apps available to you may differ.