Survey Measurements

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RD7100 RF Marker locators are capable of transmitting survey measurements to an external device running a compatible software application. When a measurement is taken, the RD7100 locator will transmit the most relevant measurements take and info data, such as:

  • Log number
  • Current
  • Gain
  • Depth
  • Signal
  • Phase
  • Frequency
  • Marker type

These measurements, taken at specific points indicated by you, can be used to report and map all your findings.

Refer to for more information about Bluetooth pairing.

Saving Measurements

WARNING! Do not store more than 1000 measurements, as this will reset the counter and start overwriting existing measurements. It is recommended to regularly retrieve the survey measurements data and erase them from the locator,

To send survey measurements, press the key.

To achieve accurate results the locator must be kept as still as possible during the saving process.

If Bluetooth is switched on and the Bluetooth survey measurements transmission are active the locator will attempt to send the saved measurement to a paired device running a compatible application.

If your paired device is out of reach, or if its Bluetooth features are disabled, the locator will display an error code. To avoid these errors ensure that your paired device is within range and correctly paired.

NOTE: A flashing depth and/or current reading display means that the measurement is poor and should be taken again. Poor readings may be caused by nearby conductors or sources of electromagnetic interference.