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RD5100S locator


Locator features

1 Keypad
2 Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) with backlight.
3 Battery compartment (USB connector inside).
4 Accessory socket.
5 Headphone jack.
6 Speaker.






Locator keypad

7 Power keymceclip2.png: Switches the unit on and off. Toggles between Guidance Mode and Signal Strength Mode.

8 Up arrow key mceclip4.png: Increase gain (in power and radio modes).
9 Down arrow keymceclip5.png   : Decrease gain (in power and radio modes).
10 Frequency key mceclip7.png: Scroll through frequencies from low to high.
11 Backlight sensor: Provides automatic control of the LCD display backlight.

Locator display icons

12 Battery icon: Indicates the battery level.
13 Signal strength bargraph with peak marker.
14 (Proportional) Left/Right arrows: Indicates the location of the target relative to the locator.
15 Signal strength readout.
16 Sensitivity readout.
17 Measured values: Frequency or current readout (mode dependent).
18 Compass: Displays the direction of the cable or pipe relative to the locator.
19 Antenna mode icon: Indicates mode selection (Guidance / Peak+).
20 Depth: Indication of depth reading.
21 Sonde icon: Indicates that a sonde signal source is selected.