RD7200 System: Tx-5 and Tx-10 Transmitters Overview

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TX-5 and TX-10 Transmitters

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TX-10 and TX-5


Transmitter Features


1. Keypad.

2. LCD.

3. Removable accessory tray.



4. D-cells battery holder.

5. Optional Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery pack.


Transmitter Keypad



6. Power keypower key.png: Switches the unit on and off. Opens the transmitter menu.

7. Frequency key frequency key.png: Selects frequency. Menu navigation key.

8. Up and down arrows up arrow.png down arrow.png: Adjusts the output signal level. Scrolls through the menu options.

9. Measure key measure key.png: Used to take voltage and impedance measurements. Opens a sub menu.


Transmitter screen icons


Screen icons.png

10. Battery icon: Indicates the battery level.

11. Alphanumeric description of selected operation mode.

12. Standby icon: Appears when the transmitter is in Standby Mode Output level: Displays transmitter output power.

13. Output level: Displays transmitter output power

14. Accessory or Measurement indicators: Indicates if an accessory is connected or if measure mode is active

15. DC icon: Appears when the transmitter is powered from a DC source

16. Induction indicator: Appears when the transmitter is in Induction Mode

17. A-Frame (Tx-5 or Tx-10 only): Indicates when the transmitter is in Fault-Find Mode

18. Voltage warning indicator: Indicates that the transmitter is outputting potentially hazardous voltage levels

19. Volume icon: Displays the volume level