ECO Mode

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When using alkaline D-Cells in Tx-5 and Tx-10(B) transmitter models you can extend the effective use of the batteries by enabling Eco mode.

In Eco mode the power output of the transmitter reduces when the batteries can no longer provide the required output power.

When Eco mode is active and the power output has been reduced, the display alternates between ‘POWER‘ and the current output power level.

The transmitter will emit three beeps every time the power is reduced. It will then continue emitting two beeps each minute whilst it operates at a reduced power level.

To enable or disable Eco mode

  • Press the mceclip0.png key to enter the menu.
  • Scroll to the BATT menu using the mceclip1.png or mceclip2.png keys and enter it by pressing the mceclip7.png key.
  • Scroll through the battery options using the mceclip1.png or mceclip2.png  until ALK is displayed.  Press the mceclip3.png key. 
  • Use the mceclip1.png or mceclip2.png until ECO is displayed and press the mceclip4.png key to enable Eco Mode.


Select NORM and press the mceclip5.png key to disable Eco mode.

  • Press the mceclip6.png key to exit the menu.