Maximum Voltage on the Transmitter

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On high impedance applications such as small diameter cables, tracer wires, etc, sometimes it can be difficult to get a signal to flow when using the direct connection method. Increasing the output voltage of the transmitter can maximize the amount of signal coupled onto the utility.

The transmitter can operate in either low voltage (30V) or in high voltage (90V). In normal operating mode the transmitter will operate in low voltage mode.

warning icon.pngWarning: When operating the transmitter in high voltage mode, always make sure that the transmitter is switched off when connecting or disconnecting direct connection leads.

To set maximum output voltage to 90 volts:

  1. Press themceclip0.png key to enter the menu
  2. Scroll to the MAXV menu using mceclip1.png the or mceclip2.png keys
  3. Press the mceclip3.png key to enter the MAXV menu
  4. Set the MAXV to HIGH using mceclip1.png the or mceclip2.png keys
  5. Press the mceclip4.png key to accept your changes and exit the MAXV menu
  6. Press the mceclip5.png key to exit the menu

When in high voltage mode the transmitter will display a high voltage warning triangle. 

Each time the transmitter is switched off the transmitter will revert back to the default low voltage setting.