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Using the Menu


The transmitter menus allow you to select or change system options. Once entered, the menu is navigated using the arrow keys. Navigation is consistent on both the transmitter and the locator. In the menu the options will appear in the bottom left-hand corner of the display. 

When browsing the transmitter menu the frequency key.png and  measure key.pngkeys act as left and right arrows. The right arrow enters a sub-menu and the left arrow selects the option and returns to the previous menu.


Navigating the transmitter menu

  1. Press the power keykey to enter the menu.
  2. Use the up arrowor down arrowkeys to scroll through the menu options.
  3. Press the measure keykey to enter the option's sub-menu.
  4. Use the up arrowordown arrowarrows to scroll through the sub-menu options.
  5. Press the frequency keykey to make a selection and return to the previous menu or exit the menu.
  6. Press the power keykey to return to the main operation screen.

Transmitter Menu options

VOL Adjust the speaker volume from 0 (mute) to 3 (loudest)
FREQ Enable or disable individual frequencies
BOOST Boost transmitter output for a specified period of time (in minutes)
LANG Select menu language
OPT F Run SideStepauto™ to auto-select a locate frequency for the connected utility
BATT Set battery type: Alkaline, NiMH or LiIon. Select Eco mode (alkaline batteries only)
MAX P Set the transmitter to output its maximum wattage.
MODEL Match the transmitter setting to the model of your locator
MAX V Set the output voltage to maximum (90V)
iLOC Enable, disable or pair Bluetooth connections (TX10B model only)
INFO Show the transmitter software version and revision