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The transmitter can be used to recommend a general-purpose locate frequency for the intended locate task by measuring the impedance of the target cable or pipe.

SideStepauto helps to improve locate accuracy by determining the best signal. SideStepauto can also help to prolong battery life.

SideStepauto operates only in Direct Connection mode.

To enable SideStepauto:

Connect the transmitter to the target utility, then

  • Press the mceclip0.png key to enter the menu
  • Scroll to the OPT F menu using the mceclip1.png or mceclip2.png keys
  • Press the mceclip3.png key to enter the OPT F menu
  • Scroll through using the mceclip1.png or mceclip2.png keys until START is displayed
  • Press the mceclip4.png key to start SideStepauto and exit the OPTF Menu
  • Press themceclip5.png key to exit the menu

NOTE: SideStepauto has to be enabled for each Direct Connection using the START option.  At any time the user may manually change the frequency using the mceclip6.png key.