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RD Map+ is a free App from Radiodetection which can be downloaded and installed from the Google Play Store.

NOTE: To access Google Play store you need to be signed into your Google account.



  1. Run the Play Store app on your android device or click the link below
google-play-badge (2).png
  1. Search for RD Map+ or Radiodetection


NOTE: Availability of RD Map+ may be restricted for your country or operating system. Contact us if you cannot find RD Map+ from Radiodetection Ltd in the Play Store.


  1. Select RD MAP+ from Radiodetection LTD


  1. Select INSTALL
  2. Wait for RD Map+ to download and install



When you first run RD Map+ after installing it on your mobile device, you will need to enable a number of permissions required  by RD Map+ to function properly: 

RD Map+ is designed to:

  • work in the background on your mobile device
  • connect to your Radiodetection locator and External GNSS using Bluetooth® wireless technology.
  • display notifications and messages.

NOTE: Permissions descriptions and settings names will vary slightly depending on your mobile device make and operating system. The steps listed below are for reference only.


  1. Once the installation has completed, start RD Map+ 

General permissions

  1. Allow RD Map+ to find, connect to and determine the relative position of nearby devices.
    This is required to scan for and to connect to  nearby devices using Bluetooth 

  2. Allow RD Map+ to send you notifications.
    This is required to show notifications in your device's notification bar

  3. Allow RD Map+ to access photos and videos on your device.
    This is required to be able to share your map files or to attach screenshots to support requests 

  4. Read and Agree to the RD Map+  End User License Agreement.

  5. Read and Agree to the RD Map+ privacy Policy.

  6. Confirm that you have read and accepted RD Map+ Terms and conditions (The EULA and Privacy documents) by tapping the checkbox

  7. Tap on Accept to move to the next step

Background permissions and location permissions

RD Map+ is designed to operate in the background, this means that it will work when is not display on your device's screen. For example when you are answering a phone call and a survey measurement is received. 

RD Map+ does not monitor or record your position unless a survey measurement point is received.

You will need to modify app battery usage and location permissions to allow RD Map+ to operate properly:

  1. Tap Accept to open up your device RD Map+ info screen 

  2. Scroll to you device Battery settings

  3. Disable all restrictions on RD Map+ battery usage

  4. Tap back to return to the Info Screen or Background permission screen. This will  vary depending on your device make and operating system.  Press Accept again If you have returned to the Background screen

  5. Select Permissions
  6. Select Location

  7. Select Allow all the time

  8. Press back until you return to the RD Map+ home screen


RD Map+ is now installed. Proceed to set it up to start creating utilities maps while using your Radiodetection locator.