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Position Source

You can set RD Map+ to use different GNSS sources as the default position Source for the survey measurements shown on the  Google Maps map. This is also the one used when exporting a kml file.

Available options are:

To select your preferred position source:

  1. Select Position source
  2. Make a selection
  3. Press OK or CANCEL



In automatic mode the position coordinates used to create your survey map will be obtained by the available sources in the following order:

  • External (for premium customers)
  • Mobile/Handheld device
  • Locator

RD MAP+ records all position coordinates. These can be exported for post processing



This premium option works when an external GNSS is available.

You must set up the external GNSS source


Mobile device

When this mode is selected the position coordinates are obtained from your handheld device


You must share your device position with RD Map+



When this option is selected the map will be created using your locator GNSS coordinates


The Locator option will work only if the locator model has a built in GNSS receiver, if this is enabled and if a location fix is available.


External GNSS

Premium customers can select an external GNSS source. RD Map+ can be used with a generic external GNSS receiver that supports NMEA 0183 over SPP Bluetooth. If unsure please refer to the operation manual that came with it.

Available options are:

  • None
    This is the default option for non premium users
  • Paired devices
    Sets the app to use a compatible paired Bluetooth GNSS receiver.
    A Paired device must be also selected.
  • Catalyst DA2
    Set the app to use a Trimble Catalyst DA2 receiver.

    A Paired DA2 device must be also selected.

To select your external device source:

  1. Select External GNSS in the Settings
  2. Make a selection and press OK or CANCEL


Paired Devices

Use this to select your external compatible Bluetooth GNSS device.

You must first select Paired Devices or Catalyst DA2 in the External GNSS settings.

 To select your external paired device :

  1. Select Paired devices
  2. Make a selection from the list of available paired device
    Select Pair Device to open up your device Bluetooth pairing screen
  3. Press OK or CANCEL


Position Accuracy reporting mode

You can choose to have a Position Accuracy Indicator on RD Map+ map screen while doing a survey whilst using your mobile devices or Trimble Catalyst DA2 as position source.

This is useful to understand the level of accuracy that you can expect from your surveys.

The widget and icon features will not work if Locator is selected or if you are using a generic third party GNSS receiver.

Available options are:


UI Widget and Icon

The UI numeric accuracy widget is shown on the map screen. This provides the numeric value of the horizontal and vertical accuracy obtained.
The numeric values is provided in Metrics only.

The widget and satellite icon are both color coded depending on the  target horizontal and vertical accuracy settings, as follow: 

Green: both targets are met

Orange: only one target is met

Red: both targets are not met



Icon Only

The satellite icon is color coded depending on the target horizontal and vertical accuracy setting, as explained above



The map view will give no indication of the Horizontal or vertical accuracy. The satellite icon will stay white. As shown below:



To select the preferred Accuracy Indicator:

  • Select Accuracy Indicator
  • Make a selection from the list available
  • Press OK or CANCEL


Target Accuracy

You can set independent horizontal and vertical target values to drive the behavior of the UI widget and icon.

They can be  set to a specific metric value, with 2 decimal values or Not set.


To set them up :

  • Select either the horizontal or vertical target accuracy

  • Enter the metric target value


  • Press OK or Cancel