Add survey measurements to your active job

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Taking measurements with your paired locator is straight forward:


  1. Press the locator's survey measurement key, when ready to take a measurement
  1. A marker pin will appear on the screen map. If you have selected feedback, the device will also play a confirmation sound and / or vibrate.
    The pin color is dependent on the utility being surveyed (eg red for a power cable)
    As this is the first measurement you have added, this will be marked with the letter S for Start.
  2. The distance widget will appear at the bottom of the map screen showing the total distance tracked and the distance from the last point.
    As this is the first point on the map both measurements will read 0.
  1. Every time you add a new measurement to the map, the marker pin will be marked with the letter E for End. Adding another measurement to the map will remove the letter E from this pin and add it to the new one.
    A line will connect the new marker pin to the previous one




NOTE: Ensure that your locator’s is set up to work with RD Map+  and that it is paired with your device.