Managing survey measurements in your active job'

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You can review and edit a survey measurement at any time during a survey or when reviewing it.


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Review a survey measurement 



Review a survey measurement 


  1. Select the survey pin on the map.
    The map automatically centers on the pin selected and the survey measurement  review screen is shown:

    1. Selected pin, highlighted by a star
    2. Close this screen and return to the map
    3. Current and estimated depth 
    4. Show/Hide the locator data
    5. Utilities



4 functions are available when reviewing a survey measurement pin::



The radius function gives the ability to quickly measure the distance from the selected pin to a visible point on the map.

To use this function:

  1. select the Radius icon.
    A circle is drawn around the marker
  2. Control the radius of the circle by moving the slider left or right
  3. Press X to exit 




The distance function gives the ability to measure the distance from the selected pin to any other measurement pin in the survey.

To use this function:

  1. Select the Distance icon
  2. Select a different pin to measure the distance
  3. Repeat with other pins or press X to exit 




The move function let's you change the position of the selected measurement pin on the map. This is useful if the pin position is not accurate. 


To use this function:

  1. Select the Move icon
  2. Use the Google Maps pan, zoom and rotate functions to position the map in your preferred orientation and showing the desired level of details
  3. Move the Map with your finger for course positioning
  4. Use the arrows keys for fine adjustments
  5. Press Confirm to move the marker
    Press X to exit this function

Caution: Moving a marker cannot be reversed

Note: Any location coordinates obtained from an external GNSS device, the mobile device and locator are preserved in the survey measurements data.





The delete function let's you remove unwanted survey measurements from a survey. 

 mceclip5.png WARNING: Deleting a survey measurement will delete the map's pin and all associated survey measurements. This action cannot be undone.

To use this function:

  1. Select the survey pin you want to delete from your survey
  2. Select Delete
  3. Confirm your operation
    Press Cancel