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The General settings section lets you manage your company and operator details, select your preferred screen orientation and utility mismatch detection mode.



Company Name

Select Company and enter your company’s name



Select Operator and enter the name of the user that will be using RD Map+



Select Email and enter the operator's email address.

CAUTION: This must be a valid Email address to be able to request a Premium license or to contact support.


Screen orientation mode

The Screen orientation mode lets you set RD Map+ to Portrait or Landscape mode

This is useful to avoid the screen auto rotating while using your mobile device attached to the locator.

Utility mismatch detection

The mismatch detection works with RD8200 locators only, where the UTIL mode has been used to identify the utility traced during the survey.



When On RD Map+ will check survey measurements received during the course of a survey defined in a job. If they differ a warning will be given.

For example when UTIL is activated on your locator and a Gas survey has been selected, then if the operator is performing a Power survey on the RD Map+, the app will detect the utility mismatch and display the following message to highlight the issue:



In this case the operator can:

  • change the RD Map+ utility to match what has been set up on the locator, or they can progress with the mismatch

  • change the UTIL settings on the locator to match the utility selected on the app