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Note: If you are using the Trimble DA2 antenna, make sure it is switched on before starting a job

RD Map organizes all your utility locating surveys into jobs.

This article describes how to create and start a new job.




Creating a new Job

From the home page:

  1. Select New job
  1. Fill the Job form as required:
      • Job Reference*
        This is your or your customer 's job reference
      • Operator*
        This is the name of the field technician conducting the survey

NOTE: This is already set if you have entered your name in the settings

      • Locator serial number*
        This is the locator used in the survey

NOTE: This is already set if you have set a default locator

      • Address
        This is a multiline text field
      • Utilities*
        Use this to add one or more utility surveys to your Job

Fields marked with a * symbol are mandatory.

  1. To add a Utility survey:
    • Press the + button in the Utilities* drop down menu
    • Select the utility you are going to survey 
    • Enter the Utility ID*
      This is the identifier of the utility surveyed
    • Enter your Comments
      This is a multiline text field where you can add your observations
    • Press OK when done

Add more utilities as required (Premium license required).

  1. If you have made a mistake with a utility survey you can edit (pencil button) or delete it (bin button)
  1. Press Save to store the job
    Cancel to return to the home screen


NOTE: a job must have at least 1 utility survey associated to it before it can be saved



Starting a job

  1. Identify the utility survey you want to begin and press Start
  1. RD MAP+ will display the Map screen and center on your mobile device or external GPS location


NOTE: Data connectivity is required for RD MAP+ to work properly. RD Map+ will not work in countries where Google Map is not available. Accuracy of your mobile device is affected by system settings.