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RD Map+ utilizes Google Maps to display a map of your location and survey measurements as you progress with the survey.


CAUTION! RD Map+ will impact your mobile data usage. This may be become very expensive if you are using data outside your allowance of if you are roaming.



The map screen will not work if your hand held device is not connected to the internet or if you are in a country where Google Maps is not available.




The Google Maps screen provides the following commands and elements:


  1. Menu 
    Gives access to the map side bar controls and application’s settings

  2. GNSS
    Shows GNSS status from your device and external GNSS receiver. Doubles up as accuracy widget if this is enabled

  3. Map Type
    Lets you choose a map style

  4. Center
    Centers the map around your estimated location

  5. My Location icon
    Shows your estimated location

  6. Zoom Controls
    Use these to zoom your map in and out in addition to the standard pinch and stretch gestures

By default RD Map+ will be tracking your position (track me function) as reported by your mobile device. The screen will automatically center to your location every few seconds.

Refer to the tracking control in the Map side bar below for instructions on how to enable/disable this feature.


Map side bar

The map side bar gives access to the Map controls and the RD Map+ settings


Current Job

The side bar header provides details of the current Job as defined when creating the job:

  1. Job Reference
  2. Utility Id

Map Controls

  • Stop Survey
    This command closes the current active survey

  • Start/Stop tracking
    This command controls the tracking function of the map screen where the map automatically centers around your estimated position every few seconds

  • Lock/Unlock map
    This command let you lock the map hand gestures controls, preventing you to accidentally change the zoom section or move the map to another area.
    Note that if you have tracking enabled the map will still center around your estimated position every few seconds


The general section of the side bar gives access to all the other functions and features generally available in the side bar