About RD Manager Online

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About RD Manager Online

RD Manager Online is a Radiodetection program for Microsoft® Windows® and is compatible with all RD7200, RD8200 and RD8200SG Precision locators.

NOTE: RD Manager Online does not support any other precision locator.

Once installed onto your PC or laptop, RD Manager Online can be used to:

  • Register your products to extend your locator or transmitter warranty to a total of 3 years.
  • Update the software of your locators.
  • Update the locator’s configuration settings.
  • Setup custom frequencies. **
  • Enable or Disable StrikeAlert™.
  • Perform an eCert™ calibration and print a Radiodetection Calibration Certificate.
  • Retrieve the latest factory calibration data to print a copy of the latest Radiodetection  Calibration Certificate.
  • Set the Calibration Due date (CALSafe™).**
  • Export usage logs to CSV. (RD8200G/SG models only)*
  • Export survey measurement data*
  • Export KML survey data for interface to GIS/Mapping systems.**


* Does not require registration or an active internet connection.

** Compatible models only. 

System Requirements

Microsoft Windows 10 

A live Internet connection is required to take advantage of some RD Manager Online features.

A spare USB port and a USB type C cable are required to connect the locator to the PC.

Administrator privileges are required to install RD Manager Online.


NOTE: To ensure a reliable connection use a 1m, or shorter, USB 2.0 High Speed compliant cable from a reputable manufacturer. Such cables are generally marked or specified as 28AWG/1P + 24AWG/2C or 28AWG/1PR + 24AWG/2C.

If you have a problem in getting your PC to recognise your locator:

  • Disconnect all other USB powered devices attached to your PC
  • Try another USB port on your PC
  • Try a different USB lead