RD Manager Online Accounts

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This section describes how to create and manage your RD Manager Online account. Registration is free of charge and it gives access to free software updates and e-mail alerts.
You can also use your RD Manager Online account to register your new locator and transmitter to take advantage of the 2 years free of charge additional warranty.

About RD Manager Online Accounts

To take advantage of the full suite of RD Manager Online features, each user will need to complete the registration process. This only needs to be performed once.

Registration allows operators to:

  • Register your qualifying products (locator and transmitters only) for 2 years extended warranty.
  • Receive warnings about software updates / upgrades as they are released.
  • Install software updates.
  • Run the eCert calibration process.

Creating an RD Manager Online account

To create an RD Manager Online account you must have a working internet connection.

1. Press the Sign In button on the RD Manager Online toolbar, the login screen will appear;



  2. Click on Sign Up here.

  3. Fill the account screen.



   4. Press Save.

Your account will be created and RD Manager Online will sign you in.



NOTE: You can use the same login on any PC where RD Manager Online has been installed.

Signing Out

If you are using a shared PC, then to prevent other users from accessing your RD Manager Online account you should sign out from your account by pressing the Sign Out button on the toolbar.

Signing in to your account

To sign on in to your account press the Sign In button on the RD Manager Online toolbar.