Tools 'dropdown' menu


This section describes the commands and features available in the RD Manager Online 'dropdown' menu.

The RD Manager Online 'dropdown' menu, is accessible from the toolbar, at the top right corner of the RD Manager Online screen.



It provides access to : 

  • Options window
  • Check for updates
  • Language Selection
  • RD Manager Online Operation Manual
  • Support
  • About RD Manager Online 



Preferences tab

Use the preference tab, to select the following options;

  • Login Details  Select Auto Sign-In on Startup to automatically sign in when RD Manager Online starts.
  • Depth Units  Select your preferred depth’s measurement units.




Message Pad tab

Use the Message Pad tab, to change the colors of the messages as they appear in the Message Pad.

There are 3 categories of messages:

  • Information Messages
  • Warning Messages
  • Error Messages



Note : To change color just click on the box showing the current color and select a new one.




Check for updates

Radiodetection may, from time to time, release software updates for RD Manager Online and/or your locator.

Software updates offer enhanced functionalities and are free of charge.

To check for new software updates manually select check for updates.

The RD Update Manager screen will appear showing installed system components and available updates.



If required press Download to update the software installed on your PC. 

NOTE: RD manager Online will automatically check for new updates every time you sign in.


Language selection

This command is used to select the default RD Manager Online language from the list of installed languages.

Choose your preferred language from a list of supported languages.



Operation manual

This command will display the RD Manager Online Operation Manual as a series of online articles in your default Web browser at



Radiodetection offers an online information system for all enquiries about locator products and their use. Visit : to browse through our comprehensive knowledge base, ask us questions, or to go through the list of all the questions we have already been asked.


About window

The About RD Manager Online window contains the following items:

  1. List of installed system components.
  2. Radiodetection Ltd Copyright statement.
  3. Software License Agreement (this will be displayed in your default PDF reader).








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