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This section describes how to retrieve Survey Measurement records logs from your compatible locator or handheld device.

Survey Measurements Window

The RD8200, RD8200G and RD8200SG locator's have the ability to store up to 1000 Survey Measurements into their internal, non-removable, storage.

The Survey Measurements window lets you retrieve, import, review and export (into various file format) survey information.

Available commands:

  • *Clear Locator: Deletes the Survey Measurement Logs on the currently connected locator.
  • Read: Transfers all the Survey Measurements available on the connected locator to the PC.
  • Delete: Deletes the currently selected survey logs from the PC.
  • Reference: Set the survey reference for the currently selected logs.
  • Export (x): Exports the currently selected Survey Measurements to either CSV,XLS,XLSX or KML format. The number in brackets is the number of selected rows.
  • KML Options: Displays and allows the modification of the options for any Survey Measurement Log KML files output from this application.
  • Locator Selector drop-down menu: to select Survey Measurements belonging to a specific unit.
  • Field Chooser: Use this to select and organize the Survey Measurements.

*A privileged account is required.

Importing Survey Measurements

Internal Survey Measurements

To retrieve internal Survey Measurements from your compatible locator follow these steps:

  1. Ensure your locator is off.
  2. Start the RD Manager Online program.
  3. Connect the locator using the USB Type C lead.
  4. Turn on the locator.
  5. Select the Survey Measurements tab.
  6. Press Read.


Deleting Survey Measurements from your locator without using RD Manager Online

Survey Measurements can be manually deleted from the locator’s memory, once they have been transferred into RD Manager Online.

To delete your Survey Measurements follow these steps on your locator:

CAUTION deleting measurements cannot be undone.

  1. Press the key to enter the menu.
  2. Press the or keys to select SMLOG menu.
  3. Press the or keys to select DATA menu.
  4. Press the antenna key.png key to enter the DATA menu.
  5. Press the orkeys to select DEL menu.
  6. Press the antenna key.png key to enter the DEL options menu.
  7. Press the or keys to select YES.
  8. Press the key to make the selection and again 3 more times to return to the main menu.


Reviewing Survey Measurements

Selecting locators

RD Manager Online can be used to manage multiple locators.

Use the Locator Selector drop-down menu, to select Survey Measurements belonging to a specific unit. The Serial Number can be typed into locator selector drop-down box.

Locator serial numbers, printed on the label next to the battery compartment, are used to catalog and store Survey Measurements in RD Manager Online.

If you have a unit connected the Locator Selector menu will display the connected unit’s serial number and all transferred surveys measurements for this unit will be displayed.


Survey reference

To add or modify a reference associated with a range of surveys, follow these steps:

  1. Select the surveys range.
  2. Press Reference.
  3. Add or Edit the Reference text.


4. Press the 'green tick' box to apply your changes or click anywhere else on the screen to exit


Export Survey Measurements

Perform the following steps to export Survey Measurements data:

  1. Select the Survey Measurements tab.
  2. Select the required unit.
  3. Select the data rows you wish to export or press the Select All button.

NOTE: Only highlighted rows will be exported

  1. Press the Export button.
  2. Select either export options: CSV, XLSX or KML.
  3. Choose your destination folder and file name.
  4. Press Save.


NOTE: Survey data where there is no GPS information will not be exported to KML.

NOTE: If an application on your PC is associated with the exported file type, then that application will be used to open the file once it has finished being exported; otherwise Windows will ask which application you would like to open the exported file with.

KML Options

You can customize the KML output data by selecting KML Options.

The KML Options menu allows you to configure the KML output capabilities.

KML files can be viewed in Google Earth.

NOTE: KML output is only possible for usage log/survey points where a GPS fix was present.

Map - Displayed Data tab

From the Map - Displayed Data tab you can filter GPS data to only show more accurate measurements or just to reduce the number of points used in the final KML file.

  • Minimum Number of Satellites


Map - Placemarks tab 

From the Placemarks tab you can customize the Icons used in the KML output file. 

You can choose between different icons types, size and colour.


From the Label section of the Placemarks tab you can customize the labels used in the KML usage log output file.

You can choose between different size, level of transparency, colour and type.

From the Display Connectors section of the Placemarks tab

You can choose to connect all the icons displayed by the KML output file with a connector. You can customize the connector colour and width.




Placemark Descriptor

A Placemark Descriptor is the data container which appears near a point on the map in Google Earth when it is clicked. The Placemark Descriptor tab allows you to customize the data which appears in that data container along with the colors that data is presented in.




From the Placemark tab you can customize the appearance of data tag display.