Contact support and managing your support requests

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You can contact us to ask for help, report an issue or just to provide feedback or suggestions.


NOTE: You must have setup your details before you can use this function


Contact Support

To Contact us:

  1. From the Side bar, select Contact support





  1. Select the message box to  type your question, feedback or describe the problem you are experiencing. The keyboard will appear 


The system will attach automatically a debug file, which will provide support with key information about your mobile device. Please do not remove this.

When contacting us for an issue please be as descriptive as possible and ensure you provide the following details:

  • Date and time of when you observed the issue
  • Description of your setup
  • Description of the issue
  • Steps on how to replicate the issue
  • Attach other images, such as app screenshots as required


  1. When you are ready, press Send to post your message into our support system.


Support ticket

Your message will become a ticket in our support system and a confirmation email will be sent to you indicating the ticket number related to your enquiry




Replies from our Support Team will be sent to your email as a follow up to the ticket.



Managing your tickets

If you wish to modify your message or just check the status of your enquiries visit and follow these steps:

  1. sign into your support account.




If you have never signed in into your support account select Get a Password to receive a validation email with a link to create a password




  1. Once signed in select the User icon




  1. Select My Activities. 
    From here you will be able to review all your tickets and their status



  1. Add new comments if required and press Submit