Jobs and Utilities

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Whenever you are using you RD locator to locate and trace a buried utility you are performing a utility survey. 

RD Map+ organises your locating surveys into jobs.


Job definition

A job is a collection of one or more* utility surveys carried out at a single address/location on behalf of a specific customer.

The image below show a job form with 2 different power cables being located.




The resulting job map can be exported as a KML, CSV or SHP* file.



* A premium license is required to be able to add more than one utility survey to a job and to export SHP files.


Supported Utilities

RD Map+ supports the following utilities:


Utility Use for Colour
Power Electric Power Lines, Cables Conduit and Lightning Cables Red
Telecom Communication, Alarm or Signal lines, Cables or Conduit Orange
Gas Gas, Oil, Steam. Petroleum or Gaseous Materials Yellow
Sewer Sewers and Drain Lines Green

Potable Water

Irrigation Reclaimed Water, Irrigation and Slurry Lines Purple
Temporary Markings Temporary Survey Markings Pink
Excavation Limits Proposed Excavation White


When a utility appears on a map, this is colour coded as for the table above.

RD Map+ is APWA Uniform Color Code compliant.