Plotting GPS data from RD8200G in Excel

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*January 2023

Currently the export of the GPS points into a KML file from RD Manager Online is not functional.

With the log data export from the RD8200 you can enter the GPS data and plot these points manually.

  • Export date range of log data from the locator you are interrogating. This will be created in a CSV file
  • Save this as an .xlsx file within Excel
  • Open the xlsx file and go to the "Insert" tab
  • Go to the option called "3D map"
  • A window will open in 3D maps by Excel
  • On the right hand side in the location box click on Add Field
  • Add both location points individually from the drop down
  • Identify which is Longitude and which is Latitude 
  • Once done these points will now be plotted on the 3D Map

This is now a case of manipulating the data to suit you as a user, below is how to display the points as a heat map

  • Zoom into the GPS points by double clocking on the location the points are plotted on the map
  • Select the data to be displayed as a heat map in the data section shown below:mceclip0.png
  • Next click on the Layer Options on the right hand side menu enter the drop down menu and adjust "Radius of Influence" to 0%

Now the GPS points will be displayed in a heat map.

Ensure "Map Labels" are on for road/street names to be included on the map.