Plotting GPS data from RD8200G on Google Earth

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*January 2023

Currently the export of the GPS points into a KML file from RD Manager Online is not functional.

With the log data export from the RD8200 you can enter the GPS data and plot these points manually.

  • Export date range of log data from the locator you are interrogating. This will be created in a CSV file and save this CSV file, only keep/save the Latitude and Longitude information (column H and I)
  • Open Google earth and open the CSV file created
  • Use the below settings in the Data Import Wizardmceclip0.png
  • Nextmceclip1.png
  • Nextmceclip2.png
  • Finish

Google Earth will prompt you of the following message, select "No"


Your CSV file will be located in the places drop down menu on the left of the screen, please check the box of your CSV file:


Your GPS points will now be displays, zoom into the location: