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 About Accessories

The locator is compatible with a range of sondes and Flexrods.

Radiodetection supply an accessory sheet with pictures and details of all applicable accessories which is available on

Further information on Accessories tracing non - conductive utilities;



Radiodetection supplies an optional headphone set for the RD5100S locator. The headphones feature an adjustable headband to ensure a tight fit when used in the field. The accessory headphones also feature volume adjustment for both left and right speakers.

Connect the 3.5 mm headphone jack into the locator’s headphone socket, which is located next to the accessory panel.

mceclip0.png WARNING!: Before wearing headphones, lower the locator’s volume levels to help prevent damage to your hearing.

 mceclip1.pngWARNING!: Wearing headphones may impede your awareness to dangers in the field such as moving traffic or other heavy machinery. Exercise caution!