Warranty and Extended Warranty

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Warranty and extended warranty

RD8200 locators and transmitters are covered by a 1 year warranty as standard.

Customers can extend the warranty period to a total of 3 years by registering their products (locators and transmitters) within 3 months from purchase.

To register your product on the Radiodetection Online Portal:

Visit https://portal.radiodetection.com to create your portal account* and use the Product page to register your locator or transmitter.

Visit Managing-your-Radiodetection-products for instructions on how to create a portal account or register your product.

* A valid email address and mobile number are required.




You can register your product using RD Manager Online for Windows:

The extended warranty screen, allows you to register your Precision Locators and TX transmitters to extend your warranty to a total of 3 years.


How to download and install RD Manager Online:



To see this screen you need to Sign In into your account.

How to set up an RD Manager Online account : RD-Manager-Online-Accounts




Available commands:

Register: Register your products.

Delete: Allows you to delete registered products (in case you made a mistake).

About Extended Warranty: Provides access to our warranty terms and conditions.


Registering your products

You can extend the warranty period to a total of 3 years by registering your product within 3 months of purchase.

To register your product you need to locate the serial number of your products:

  • For a locator this can be found on the label next to the battery compartment.
  • For a transmitter this can be found inside the battery cavity.

Follow these steps:

  1. Press Register mceclip1.png
  2. Select your purchased date (as shown by your invoice).
  3. Enter the serial number, commencing with 10/


NOTE: If you have a locator connected, its serial number will automatically appear in the box

  1. Press Register to complete the registration or Close to exit


NOTE:  Products registered using the Radiodetection Online Portal (https://portal.radiodetection.com) are not visible in the RD Manager Online Extended warrant list. This is normal